Coop Norge Handel had an outdated IT Service Management solution, and no system that supported Service Management processes for the rest of the organisation. They were looking for a solution which included the entire organisation and could support other departments like HR, accounting, administration and operations.

Coop Norge Handel aimed for a user-friendly solution which was easily adapted by the users in the different departments. They wanted a solution, in which they could grow and constantly develop according to their needs. It had to be simple to make changes and upgrades.


They started the process by looking at different Service Management solutions in the market and landed at ServiceNow, which they could see covered their needs for an Enterprise Service Management solution. Symfoni was one of several vendors who could offer implementation of the ServiceNow solution.

–       “The main reasons for choosing Symfoni were the understanding of Coop’s business needs, Symfoni’s documented expertise in the ESM area and the implementation methodology”, says Lise Hugdahl, responsible for Service Management and continually improvements at Coop Norge Handel.

The implementation process went fast due to the applied strategy of being 80% up and running on all processes, instead of implementing one process and at the time. During this process, other not planned projects developed. For example, when Coop acquired ICA they needed an app for the rollout and concept change of the new stores, which Symfoni provided.

Today, Coop Norge Handel uses ServiceNow for the service centers to handle all incoming inquiries. Management receives reports regularly, which as a result has improved both the control and the quality. All incoming phone calls automatically generates a new ticket and they have a self-service portal for enrolment of requests from the website and the Intranet. In addition, they have developed processes for handling of both project and store management, as well as for the IT department.

Next step, will be automation of work processes and further improvement and development of the solution. ServiceNow gets more and more important as a strategic solution for business processes at Coop. They are already planning new projects which will involve even more departments as well as suppliers and logistics. And they plan to implement a self-service portal for the different stores so that managers can order all inventory needed.


The result has been a whole new extensive support for business and operations in Coop. Lise Hugdahl, responsible for Service Management and continually improvements at Coop Norge Handel, is satisfied with all the projects they have managed to deliver in such a short period of time. She is pleased with the flexibility of the new solution, it is easy to make changes and upgrade and develop as they move on. The accessibility and availability of the reports are great, and they save time and increase efficiency by using templates, like the standardized feedback. Lise Hugdahl, estimates that this, as well as the new structure of the organisation, has saved them between 2 and 4 million NOK per year. And they expect to gain even more after the improvements they are currently working on.

Lise Hugdahl, is highlighting the importance of the active role of the corporate management: – Having top management as a part of the steering committee has been a really important success criterion for a fast implementation process, she states.


Coop is one of four major grocery chains in Norway and currently operates more than 800 grocery stores in five chain concepts: Coop Obs!, Coop Extra, Coop, Coop Mega, Coop Market. Coop has also 30 large building warehouses and several specialist profiles. Coop is owned by customers themselves through their membership in one of 106 co-operatives. As of today, Coop has 1.4 million members.

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Henrik Berge Mortensen

Senior Account Manager, Symfoni ESM Norway

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