The finnish Construction company, Lemminkäinen wanted to automate internal functions like HR, marketing and finance with ServiceNow. The solution was originally developed for information management needs based on ITIL best practices.


Implemented by Symfoni using, the project is based on Lemminkäinen’s strategic development, focusing on business operations as well as improving efficiency of support functions. The support functions will have a self-service-based approach, with employees using a subscription service. By automating the processing of requests they will be scheduled, managed and analyzed more effectively.

The ITIL framework has been widely used in informationmanagement around the world. Services and related process used in IT are also suitable in other support functions. We are using existing good practices, and the fact that the solution is available as a service in the cloud is aclear advantage. The implementation was fast, and we can easily expand the number of users. We do not have to worry about hardware management or version updates.

– Tapio Vähämäki, CIO Lemminkäinen 

In practice, Lemminkäinen employees now have access to a centralized service catalogue provided by Servicenow and tailored to Lemminkäinen’s needs, where they can easily select the services they want. Standard form requests are processed by the system handlers. The project aims to increase internal customer satisfaction and provide support functions a possibility to prioritize their work routines. Service requests are reported and analyzed to understand the demand for specific services.

At the next stage Lemminkäinen will expand the service request processing system to IT. “For IT we will introduce a wider solution than for other support functions,” says Tapio Vähämäki. “To start with we will focus on the service desk functions, which will enable us to better manage our hardware and software assets. Along with accumulated information we will be enable a comprehensive management
of problems.”

  • The Service requests processing system in Lemminkäinen currently has about 200 users.

The Lemminkäinen Group operates in all areas of construction. The Group’s business sectors are building construction, infrastructure construction, and building products.

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Hannes Hirvikallio

Nordic Sales Director

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