The challenge for OpusCapita was that there was no solution in place to automatically recognize, correlate and combine the thousands of events coming in from different incidents. Every single notice of an event needed to be handled manually and dig up the root incident they are related to. As the work was done manually it was very time consuming and error prone. The goal for OpusCapita was to take control of the event management process and implement a solution for this.


OpusCapita chose the event management solution from ServiceNow and Symfoni as the partner to deliver the solution. The ServiceNow solution offers a single place where the correlation of events and incidents can be done automatically and efficiently.

“”We started the project with a detailed analysis of the AS-IS situation. We had a look at our processes and how the events are managed and identified the sources of these events. After this had been done we figured out what the best platform for us would be. We ended up choosing ServiceNow” says Business Development Manager Matti Toivonen from OpusCapita.

”We chose Symfoni as the partner because they have a strong technical knowledge and understanding of the ServiceNow platform. Symfoni was also able to produce realistic time schedules for the project helping us to reach our concrete goals”

– Matti Toivonen, Business Development Manager at OpusCapita 

OpusCapita’s goal was to creat one coherent event management-model to support the international operations of the company. In the project OpusCapita and Symfoni focused on getting control over the most important technology platforms and systems event management processes. Together, they created a model and capabilities to the chosen systems, after which, OpusCapita themselves integrated the remaining systems as a part of the new process and ServiceNow.

Toivonen adds that their other important goal was to decrease the number of errors with a well-managed Event Management process. So far, this goal has been exceeded threefold. Additinally, OpusCapita can now easily bring new services to the centralized error management and therefore create better visibility.


According to Toivonen, the implementation of the ServiceNow was an outstanding IT project, because it went towards the goals like a train on a track. The goals set out for the project were accomplished within the timeframe and budgetary constraints. The implementation project was carried out during 2013 and lasted for just two months.

Toivonen sums up the main reasons why the project was successful, “We understood, that our partner cannot have the knowledge about our technology platforms and systems, but that we have to have our home base in order first. Before the project it was important to create a description of the current state, so that our partner could fully understand where our problems lie. When the status quo analysis was done smartly, we were ourselves able to guide the project and also answer the questions directed at us from the partner side. In this way Symfoni was able to consult us and tell us what was and wasn’t possible. We changed the intended Event Management-model based on this, in a way that made it possible to carry it out within ServiceNow.”


OpusCapita provides financial process automation – either outsourced or as a service – for more than 10,000 customers in over 50 countries.

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ServiceNow is a leading provider of cloud-based services that automate enterprise IT operations, with focus on transforming enterprise IT by automating and standardizing business processes and consolidating IT across the global enterprise.

Hannes Hirvikallio

Nordic Sales Director

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