This class begins with client side scripting and transitions to server side scripting. The class features lecture and discussion as well extensive hands-on practice and reinforcement delivered in a wide variety of lab activities.

The course content and lab work help students learn to:

  • Determine when it is appropriate to script
  • Configure a ServiceNow instance for Scripting
  • Write, test, and debug client side scripts
  • Client Scripts
  • UI Policies, Scripts and Actions
  • Write, test, and debug server side scripts
  • Business Rules
  • Script Actions
  • Workflow Scripts
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Develop Scripting best practices
  • Write, test, and debug Script Includes
  • On-Demand Functions
  • Server side
  • Client/Server
  • Manage Events

Who should attend

Experienced ServiceNow System Administrators wishing to extend the functionality of their instance. We recommend that you have a minimum of 3-6 months of experience with the ServiceNow platform. To attend this course you are required to be a ServiceNow administrator. System Administration certification is preferred.

Recommended Background

To get the best from the Service Now Scripting training, we recommend the students to be familiar with the following concepts:


  • Ability to write, test, and debug JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with database tables and columns
  • ServiceNow System Administrations course


Schedule will be posted soon

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