Ever experienced language challenges in ServiceNow?

Symfoni Translate will help you solve these challenges with four translation applications for ServiceNow. It provides a range of modules to support interlinguistic stakeholder interaction and usage of the system. Symfoni Translate utilises the cutting-edge machine learning capabilities to provide a state of the art user experience.

End user translations

This enables a better user experience, service experience and more precise communication between stakeholders.

Back end translations

This functionality removes the language barriers and increases efficiency, pace of service delivery and improves service quality.

Platform translation assistant

The translation assistant helps to reduce the manual effort needed in translating the system.

Translation for 3rd party

The translation for 3rd party module exposes the translation capabilities to vendors or collaboration partners to break down interlinguistic barriers.

Security translation log

Symfoni Translate breaks with the existing non-logging paradigm of browser based translations and offers a full security log of all information exchanged via Symfoni Translate. The translation log can also be used for future training of machine learning capabilities and insight to user behaviour.

Administration and reporting

The administration module provides easy access to a user-friendly set up. The buildt-in reporting functionality enables the usage insight, which provides administrators the ability to monitor usage and user behavior along with intelligence about user interaction, which can be utilized for further improvement of the user interface.

Symfoni Translate comes with a user friendly administration interface, which enables the administrator easily to apply the translation service to the entire platform.

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Symfoni Translate Business case

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Find out how Symfoni Translate can support your organisation by downloading the datasheet.

Find out how Symfoni Translate can support your organisation by downloading the datasheet.

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