Symfoni WE is an add-on to your ServiceNow instance to ensure reliability and security for your service delivery

Symfoni WE delivers end-to-end automation to run your core business operations including delivery management, resource planning, delivery accounting, time and expense management, billing and revenue recognition.



Resource Management

“Finally I have total insight my resource pool’s capacity, availability and billable utilization with one look at the Symfoni WE dashboards” – Resource Manager

  • Work Schedules & Country Holidays
  • Leave Management & Accrual Balances
  • Extensive resource booking capability
  •  Soft bookings & smart approval process
  • Capacity , Target & Availability Planning
  • Interactive & real-time planning & utilization dashboards

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Full Service Delivery Management

“Symfoni WE helps me focus on delivery and resources that actually need my attention” – Delivery Manager

  • Consolidated views on service delivery
  • Healthchecks & real-time dashboards
  • Steer & control project financials & resource usage
  • Fast delivery setup with cloning
  • Various delivery models like T&M, Fixed Price, Credit Based…
  • Embeded project reporting

Human Capital Management

“Now we can align our capability with our strategy helping us to create optimized career and training plans” – HR Manager

  • Employment Management
  • Certification Management
  • Training Management
  • Job Roles & Skill Matching
  • Capability planning
  • Capability automation & insight

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Time Tracking

“It has never been so easy to report my weekly hours to my manager” – Consultant

  • Weekly or monthly timesheets
  • Process driven activity selection
  • Favorites for recurring activities
  •  Smart approval process
  • Save time with automatically calculated timesheets
  • Automated PDF attachments

Expense Tracking

“Reimbursement of my expenses is really fast since I uploaded a picture of my receipt directly after a customer dinner” – Sales Executive

  • Multi Currency
  • Reimbursement Tracking
  • Smart approval process
  • Mobile Registrations
  • Automated PDF attachments
  • Configurable expense categories

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“Fast integration with our legacy systems has enabled us to gradually introduce Symfoni WE functionality in our organisation”
– System Administrator

  • Centralized configuration
  • Code-free integrations
  • Real time or background
  • Integrate ServiceNow applications
  • Integrate external sources
  • Turn processes & tools into value chains


“The time to get from a timesheet to an invoice has decreased spectacularly since we use Symfoni WE”
– Finance Administrator

  • Customer billing for assets, labor & expenses
  • Flexible rate configuration
  • Time based, one-offs, recurring fees
  • Charge distribution & allocation
  • Automated invoice process
  • Process & data health checks

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Revenue Recognition

“Transparency in revenue streams and profitability is essential to steer my company” – CEO

  • Automated revenue distribution & allocation
  • Interactive & real-time finance dashboards
  • Separate internal & external revenue streams
  • Analytics from different angles
  • Predictable & accurate forecasting
  • Budget alignment

Cost Management

“Intercompany charging is fully transparant and clear for everyone now”– CFO

  • Automated cost allocation
  • Automated internal rates & uplifts
  • External costs for assets & resources
  • Delivery profitability & margin analysis
  • Transparent & automated cross charging
  • Role based cost categories

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Find out how Symfoni WE can support your organization by downloading the datasheet.

Find out how Symfoni WE can support your organization by downloading the datasheet.

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